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French crack down on anorexia. Will America ever fine companies for making us fat?

April 16, 2008 |  9:48 am

Chessy_bites Models have always been as thin as bacon strips. In the 1960s, Twiggy made collarbones and sharp elbows a must-have accessory. In the 1980s, a more curvy -- though extremely fit -- Cindy Crawford brought on a brief celebration of the "healthy model." With models dying from starvation recently and the fashion industry on the coals, French lawmakers have passed a bill that, in essence, will fine anyone who causes "excessive thinness" to be fined $70,000. (Now, that's a lot of croissants.) The Wall Street Journal reports that the bill is actually more directed at websites that promote anorexia than, say, modeling agents who bark at their clients, "You need to lose about 16 pounds by tomorrow!" The LAT has a more in depth look at the issue here. The Rage loves models too, but wants to know when the U.S. will take its cue and fine outlets and people who incite "excessive fatness." Currently, about 31%  in America are considered to be obese. About 25 million children are obese and 85% of the country consider obesity to be an epidemic. Call the Rage a fascist, but shouldn't Pizza Hut -- there's cheese in the crust too! -- and companies that promote Paul Bunyan-sized portions be accountable too? It's ironic that the French are trying to fatten up their thin while the U.S. keeps putting on the pounds.

Should our government do like the French and take a stance against obesity?