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You don't look 45! So what?

March 10, 2008 |  7:37 am

A story by Lisa Kogan on merits some scrutiny. In it, she says that people would alwaysOld_woman_img_1510 gape and disbelieve when she revealed her age because she looks so young. She became addicted to those protests: "You look so much younger!" But the Rage wonders if you, too, recoil when people say: "40? Whoa? You don't look 40. You look, like, 36." Um, who cares? It sounds like, "You're really old, but you look a few years younger." When you're 84, do people still say, "Wow. You look 81." These days, attaching an age to a certain look is insane. Nicole Kidman, thanks to botox, looks like a 40-year-old embryo. Demi  Moore? Not even sure if she is actually human.
What do you think?

photo: T.M. Quirk.