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You don't look 45! So what?

A story by Lisa Kogan on merits some scrutiny. In it, she says that people would alwaysOld_woman_img_1510 gape and disbelieve when she revealed her age because she looks so young. She became addicted to those protests: "You look so much younger!" But the Rage wonders if you, too, recoil when people say: "40? Whoa? You don't look 40. You look, like, 36." Um, who cares? It sounds like, "You're really old, but you look a few years younger." When you're 84, do people still say, "Wow. You look 81." These days, attaching an age to a certain look is insane. Nicole Kidman, thanks to botox, looks like a 40-year-old embryo. Demi  Moore? Not even sure if she is actually human.
What do you think?

photo: T.M. Quirk.

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Age is less interesting than your outlook. If a person goes around telling others their age, then it's only to create some sort of "Wow, she's 53 and she's so cool" or "you don't look 53" impression of them. Better to be a good listener, ask questions, not be afraid to approach people of all ages, and to have deep interests.


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