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When did J.Crew get all uppity with an $1,800 jacket?

86099_rd5997_m_sp08 Is it just me or is J.Crew out of its celadon-hued, grosgrain-detailed mind for trying  to sell a jacket92677_kd5588_s_sp08 for $1,800? The "Pippa" calf-hair swing jacket (left) is labeled as a "limited edition" and according to the website, there is only one size left: a 6. Would you spend that much for a J.Crew jacket? The Rage can't even fathom coughing up more than $200 on anything at J.Crew. It's not like buying a Rick Owens leather jacket or a camel hair coat, which is a sound fashion investment. Now, this "Citronella" coat (at right) with its Peter Pan collar and flap pockets in cotton at $198 is much more like it. Retro, affordable, and no regrets if it doesn't last  for a few years. Note: Went to try it on yesterday at the Grove and the length is perfect for jeans or wide legged pants. The knit jacket falls just below the hips and the color and cut make you feel like Mary Tyler Moore. Plenty in stock over there. 


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Your blog is great - I enjoy it every week.

As far as J. Crew is concerned I would place them on the same level as Banana Republic, maybe even GAP in some instances. To think they feature "limited edition" this-and-that is just laughable. imo, their customer is the Coach logo bag crowd.


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