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Redheads have more fun and sex

Getprevrh While a recent University of Paris study revealed that blondes make men act dumber, it's the redheads who get them hot and bothered. A survey by Hamburg professor Werner Habermehl--reported by that German women's sex lives could be categorized by their hair color. The researcher said that German redheads not only had more tussles in the bedroom, but they also had more sex partners.

Fun fiery facts: Only four percent of people have natural red hair; 2% of the US populationa re natural redheads. Redheads require more anesthesia than blondes and brunettes. They also don't go grey--rather their hair turns sandy and then white. The sales of red hair color and dyes has increased 17% since 2000.

photo: The Everett Collection.

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Redheads rule my world. Definitely the hottest females on the planet!!! No further research needed.

Blondes taste better, but redheads are pretty sweet too, if you know what I mean!

I think redheaded women are the most beautiful and sexy creatures on earth!


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