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Harvard lampoon? Ivy league grads want their own Hollywood mafia

1066636_03_2 An article in Variety, craftily penned by sly Andrew Barker, has Harvard alums whining about how they need better resources to break into Hollywood. Actress and Harv grad Mia Riverton says: "People talk about a 'Harvard mafia,' but it was never anything that was connected before. It had no infrastructure or focus beyond the schmoozy, old-boy networking stuff." (Just hearing that reminds me of this outtake from Animal House, which turns 30 this year.)

Um, Mia -- ever heard of the gazillion TV comedy writers who pen for Conan, SNL, and The Simpsons? They live off Hot Pockets and Skittles and snort at any variation on a scatalogical joke? Oh and has anyone else noticed that Harvard grads always manage to mention their alma mater in the first seven minutes of any meeting? It goes like this:
Harvard grad: "I love your sweater. Great color."
The Rage: "Thanks. I rarely wear red."
Harvard grad: "It's actually crimson. Reminds me of my Harvard days."

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Just what Hollyweird needs more detached input from the real world at Harvard and Yale. They seem to have done such a wonderful job with the Economy, Iraq, Foreign Policy, Major League Baseball, Congress et al. Why not hire more people from Stanford. Hey what do I care, I'm from Colorado and just spend time on the Left Coast to get away from the snow and the Texans. Plus all the real dorks leave town(LA) for Aspen.
Laguna is Heaven!

"The Office" has some strong Harvard connections as least one of the writers as well as actress Rashida Jones were members of Harvard class of '97.

Thanks for the tip. Now, let's get some more jobs for Harvard grads! Maybe you can be the don of the mafia?


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