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Girls in ties: How to man up

March 19, 2008 |  7:22 am

Img_2226 Girls in ties. The androgynous look has always intrigued the Rage because it's cool, unexpected and feels a bit like a 1980s Van Halen video meets Marlene Dietrich's dressing room. Yesterday was "Tie Tuesday" at our Image section and as you can see, I went with the straight on, cross-dressing style by pairing a silk, striped tie with a white Brooks Brothers oxford and many seasons old Piazza Sempione capri pants. My colleague, Ronit Nabi on the left of me, opted for a more Patti Smith -- as dressed by Karl Lagerfeld -- vibe with a skinny black tie, black blazer and strands of gold, pearl and ribbon necklaces. Emili Vesilind -- to the right of me -- went Katharine Hepburn-channels-Charlie Chaplin in a flounder-width tie knotted inches below her collar, cardigan and wide-leg jeans.  It was fun to make a pact on Monday to man up and see how each of usBoymeetsgirl_3_2 interpreted the look. (FYI: getting your colleagues to try a trend collectively is highly recommended.)

Over at Ralph Lauren's site -- it reminds me of a CW version of "Dead Poet's Society" -- there's a great video tutorial on how to knot a tie and finagle a bow tie.
Next week? "Mohawk Monday" at Image. Who's in?

Photos: Erin Weinger;