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Botox backlash: Will pregnant Nicole Kidman keep getting shots?

March 14, 2008 | 11:15 am

Kidmandm1303_468x689 Kidmanrex1403_228x345_2 Nicole Kidman has been getting a lot of grief lately for herSunset embryo-like complexion. At 40, she has yet to wrinkle. A Canadian plastic surgeon recently deemed the actress "bat face" at a medical conference and said that her overzealous use of Botox was giving the cosmetic procedure a bad name. Okay, buddy. Like Botox was universally loved until Nic came along. Still, the Rage can't understand why Kidman insists that she has never tried Botox and says that her face is "natural." Just come out with it and as they say in Hollywood, "own it."

Anyway, it's worth noting that pregnant women are strongly advised not to get injections of the toxin and so Kidman's natural look could collapse like a souffle over the next few months.  By not allowing herself to age an iota, Kidman has trapped her face in amber and the results are both frightening and depressing.  It's the Norma Desmond syndrome and we all know how that story ends.

Photos: Getty Images; Rex; Paramount