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Us Weekly on Brit's kids: Leaving no child behind

February 20, 2008 |  8:06 am

LittlestvictimsNot so long ago, I wrote an article about the tabloids' ever increasing coverage of children of celebrities. Us Weekly editor Janice Min refused to comment, while an editor at In Touch4937_1_sbl1 noted: "We definitely have ethics when it comes to covering kids. Our stories aren't necessarily about the kids but what their parents are like." Sure, but it's the kids who are pictured on the front page with creepy headlines like "What they know."  Maybe Kevin Federline should prevent his sons from learning how to read. Or teach them to be fluent in Mandarin. Otherwise, these kids are going to be even more screwed up when they see their sad stories splashed across the rags.

Notice how Us Weekly attempts to seem sympathetic with its call out: "The Littlest Victims" and goes on to say: "7 weeks without Mommy..." Aw. Clearly, they care. Ha.

How about just one week without covers that exploit children?