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Matthew McConaughey: Scent of a wuss

February 19, 2008 |  5:37 pm

Matthew McConaughey's new ad for Dolce & Gabanna perfume for men just made The Rage snort coffee through her nose. Watch it and let's discuss. What a wuss. Instead of punching out the paparazzi that assail his every step, he takes off his shirt and flexes his pecs at them. With a smile too. Is this ad supposed to promote some sort of truce between celebs and shutterbugs? Or parody the actor's pattern of showing off his nipples for the tabloid press? Sean Penn would have slit some paparazzo's throat with his hotel key and then ripped off his shirt. Steve McQueen would have taken out an eye or two with his cufflinks. Men: Would you want to smell like this guy?