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Meet: Naked gym locker lady

Ist2_1241490_woman_silhouette_colle Every gym the Rage joins, there she is: Naked gym locker lady.  This is that woman who emerges from the shower in the gym lounge and doesn't bother to towel off.  Hell, no. She prefers to air dry.

Naked gym locker lady comes in all shapes and sizes. When the Rage belonged to Equinox in West Hollywood, she was a size 2, top-heavy blond who would apply moisturizer to every inch of her body -- including crevices -- and then blow dry her hair -- yep, still nude. This was the type who bent060707_lockerroom_vmed_1pwidec over repeatedly to create volume too. Over at Sports Club LA in Beverly Hills, naked gym locker lady was older and less fit. This one would sit at the vanity and painstakingly apply her makeup. Maybe pluck her eyebrows too. After that, a quick blow dry and then the flat iron. The Rage once  went to her locker before a yoga class, spotted "Nudie Trudie" -- pet name -- and upon returning an hour later, she was still bare as a newborn and doing her freaking nails.

Having just joined a 24 Hour Fitness last week, the Rage recently spotted her first naked gym locker lady. This one was young and clearly, very proud of her abs. She weighed herself twice, stared in the mirror for a few minutes and then started texting. For her book "Locker Room Diaries," Leslie Goldman spent five years talking to women in locker rooms and she thinks nudity fosters camaraderie among women.  The Rage has no problem with bare breasts and buttocks -- much like martinis -- in moderation.  Towel, anyone?
Women: Weigh in. Should naked gym locker lady cover up or show it off?
Men: Do guys prance around with appendages akimbo in the locker room?

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You ladies need to get a life, if this is the biggest problem you face, count your blessings.

I am a member at the YMCA, which i have belonged to since i attended sleepaway summer camp with them when i was in 6th grade. Pretty much all the people at the Y are older and pretty out of shape, so naked locker room lady is definitely not the easiest on the eyes. When i get ready to go somewhere in my own bathroom at home ill do it nude because the towel just gets in the way and falls off every 5 seconds, but at the gym i feel like a little more common courtesy wold be nice, so i cover myself up, i just wish that naked locker room ladies would get the memo.

It's a women's locker room, we all have the same parts, I don't see any need to cover up because of other women seeing me or each other. If someone's comfortable being nude in the locker room there's nothing wrong with that!

Yes men do prance around in the locker room with there appendages hanging out.The last thing i want to see in the locker room is some guy naked greeting everybody like he is your long lost friend which seems to always happen.

I love going to men's clubs and public pools just for the lockerroom fun. I love seeing and being seen by other guys. Lockerrooms are heaven on earth.

Clay Jensen
Logan, UT


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