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Lindsay Lohan: You're no Marilyn Monroe

Lohan9Aleqm5hzzhbpr9y0f9hf1qrm1dgfgbg1ow Why do starlets insist on channeling Marilyn Monroe? At some point, every actress decides to have her "Marilyn moment" and dons a platinum wig and a fake mole to prove that  she's capable of playing an American icon. This week, Lindsay Lohan graces New York magazine in a spread shot by Bert Stern. Yes, that would be the same Stern who shot Monroe six weeks before she died of a reported overdose in 1962.

In the story, Lohan says of Monroe and Heath Ledger's tragic outcome:  "I sure as hell wouldn't let it happen to me." Then, why are you bouncing in and out of rehab and re-creating a photo shoot Drewthat precisely mimics a suicidal woman's lastMischabartonasmarilynmonroe flirtation with fame? And Stern should be ashamed of himself for aping such a memorable photo shoot for a 21-year-old actress whose most notable credit is "Herbie Fully Loaded." Monroe -- who starred in fantastic movies like "The Misfits" and "Some Like It Hot" -- died of acute barbiturate poisoning at age 36.

Lohan joins the ranks of Monroe-philes like Mischa Barton (right), Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore (above, on George cover.) It may be flattering to the icon, but The Rage finds it rather sad that so many young actresses crib Monroe instead of inventing their own unique images.  If you're devoid of charisma and innate sexual appeal, maybe it's time to try beekeeping.

Photos credits: New York magazine; French Vogue; Bert Stern collection

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Marilyn Monroe?

Oh yes, now I remember her. She was the 50's version of Paris Hilton sans the heiress title.

What natural beauty did Marilyn have? She went from brunette to dying her hair platinum blonde, wore ridiculous amount of makeup and donned itty bitty dresses that were obviously 3 sizes to small for her thick body.

Marilyn was also arguably one of the worst actresses to come out of this country. Anyone who disagrees is either dillusional or too stubborn to admit they're wrong. Besides, sleeping around with a married president and other notable figures, please need I say more...

Lindsay Lohan is a pretty young girl she should stick to posing as herself. She is definately no Marilyn Monroe by any comparison.

52 comments on somebody I don't even know ? this women I take it is a modern day movie star with problems?

One thing I do know Mary Monroe, was not a great actress, and is only memorable because she married a baseball star, and showed her naked body in the conservative 50's other than that, it wasn't her film's that made her a star ( whatever that means stars are those bright things you used to see on a dark night in the sky )

so all this fuss about a drugged out celebrity person emulating another DEAD drugged out celebrity person, is just a Tad silly.

52 comments on somebody I don't even know ? this women I take it is a modern day movie star with problems?

One thing I do know Mary Monroe, was not a great actress, and is only memorable because she married a baseball star, and showed her naked body in the conservative 50's other than that, it wasn't her film's that made her a star ( whatever that means )

thank God someone said it. when i saw those photos i screamed at my television. why is she butchering the famous poses of marilyn. and how could Bert Stern allow her to do this. i mean its Lindsey Lohan you couldnt get anyne better to portray our countrys most beloved star.

I've just been saying how sick I am of seeing Lindsay Lohan everywhere and for NOTHING. She hasn't had any films out lately, she isn't promoting an album or a play or anything - why do I have to continue looking at her everywhere? I'm just sick of her and I don't understand why she's so famous... she's been looking so awful lately with her ridculous fake tan that I can hardly keep a straight face when I see all the bronzer caked in her nose, around her eyes and on her cheek bones. It looks like she's celebrating the 25th anniversary of Thriller with that monster mash makeup and tan. I suppose that is better then what normally is caked around her nostrols but I'm just done with her... go some where and do something other then immulate Marilyn Monroe - you look pathetic - you do have nicer boobs then M but that's it... FireCrotch.

Now she has 10 minutes left.
Can you imagine anyone who would want to copy a photo session of Lindsy, Paris or Spears ?

How many of today's starlets does it take to come up to Marilyn Monroe? Hilton, Lohan, et al? Neither of them can even nab a brilliant man!!!

I think the word 'pitiful' would be an understatement for describing the photo shoot, followed shortly by 'sad.' I'm a marketer and if Linsday were a product, she'd be appearing in the cut-out racks at bargain basement stores. I've written about this process a bit at DIM BULB if you'd like to check it out:

she has no curves, she looks ..used...and those breasts are ugly,ok?
this proves to me that she isn`t remotely hot...would`ve been better served by keeping her clothes on and taking acting lessons at a local jr college.

Monica, you think I'M angry! This board has descending into a torch carrying mob.

Ah, how lovely women are when they set upon another sister.

is she REALLY naked, or is it one of those lame photoshoots stars do where they cover up all the naughty bits..

cause unless she's showing nips and bush, she aint naked.

Wow. You people need lives.

Who needs to get a life? Lohan is trying so hard to get one that she is trying to impersonate the most perfect woman who ever walked this earth. She will never compare. Why would she think that she would get andthing other than negative publicity about doing this? There is no compairing the two. They are in different classes from acting abilities to class!

I think all of you that are viewing this as a negative thing need to just step back and look at it for what it is in the present moment. I think these pics are wonderful , beautiful, and creative even though being critisized as being "unoriginal" since they were a re-creation. I'm a heterosexual woman age 46 yet I can still admire and adore pictures of the beautiful female form. I've also always admired Marilyn and I think Lindsay (and Bert) did a stand-up job with this. Absolutly amazing!

Well...all of *you* are talking about her...I guess the shoot was a success. Personally, I think she was trying to sever her "little girl image" in a big way. Beats getting knocked up (twice) and having your kids taken away by a court. And the wig is more attractive than a bare scalp, too...

Critics are mean and worthless!
Lindsay Lohan is beautiful and a good actress! Please first look the mirror and ask yourself who you are and why criticize that poor girl.
She makes a living decently and she's no whore. Enough is enough! At least she has beautiful breasts and no plastic surgery. Marilyn had her nose fixed and don't know what else?
To all of you out there: EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

The fact of the matter is New York mag is now the equivalent of Hustler or Playboy. The fact that they would publish nude photographs that they consider "art" using one of the tackiest people they could have found is disgusting. Marilyn Monroe is heralded by all. Lindsay Lohan is a coke head with an eating disorder and a drinking probem. I for one thinks the world would have been better off without this crap.

You go girl!! you look beautiful as usuable. Don't ever let people comments make you feel down. They are all a bunch of haters.

What's sad is that the magazine didn't put a brown cover or put some sort of 411 on the cover indicating that she was showing a lot of nudity-- in a magazine that should know better since kids do pick this up (spring fashion issue? and you put a nude La Lohan in it. NOT SMART).

MC.. thought your comments were brilliant

Just saw a new one.

normally I would come on here ripping them all apart, but I'm now in favor of the leading one, who fits with her age and looks, her voice and her presence. The winner is ding-ding, Sherrie Lei Laird. How can one remember their past life, look exactly like them both young and old, then have the people around her look just like previous people in her life and the death's fit. She didn't want to be her, she wanted it hypnotised out. She is the one who naturally looks like her and spends all her time in a rock and roll band and saving animals. The girl isn't out performing like a washed up Marilyn clone, but being individual and real. Dressing like a slob too. I hate to break it to you but Marilyn was a party animal, who was always with musicians and singers, she did drugs and she changed her hair color. I read this, but I hadn't considered it and yeah, ya know what, that is completely true.

Well, she's and her so called quacky doctor convinced me, the scientific world if nothing considers both sides, where as obsessed fans don't.

You guys are so rude. Marilyn Monroe. I s perfect Idol. She did many great things, What you guys need to be paying attention to is what other people never saw. the part that Marilyn Never let show. Which lead to her death, because of useless rude, immature people like you!

I think she would never be able to pull off a marilyn monroe, and it's sad that they have to copy a sucidal woman, as famous as she was. but while lindsay totally sucked at the bit of material thing, that dress is cute on mischa!

I agreee

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