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Will Suri Cruise buy my condo, please?


First, it was reported that Suri Cruise had customYhst56858428152835_1979_2438217 lasts made by shoe designer Christian Louboutin so that she could order $500 footwear on demand. Yesterday, we got an e-mail from the publicist at Joe's jeans to let us know that Suri has been spotted in the Alps, wearing $74 stretch denim. (Joe's even makes skinny jeans for kids.)

Does anyone really care that Suri wears a certain brand of designer jean? Or that her Burberry dress probably costs more than a laptop?

Yes, indeed. In fact, Us Weekly recently put Suri on the cover and even catalogued her wardrobe. Oh and there happens to be countless blogs devoted to celebrity offspring and their fashion choices -- like,, and If ever there was a sign that the cultural apocalypse is at hand, that may be it.

SuricruisetheusweeklycoverSelfishly, I can't wait until Suri starts investing in real estate and private islands. Maybe she could buy my two-bedroom condo in West Hollywood and I will blog about it on

photo credits: Holmes and Cruise, Splash; Suri, Bauer-Griffin.

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I think Katie is a good mom that wont let Suri turn to another Paris Hilton. Its not about the wealth but the breeding.

With all the truly noteworthy life impacting events occurring in the world such as the subprime meltdown that will leave thousands of over leveraged familes in small apartments again and the daily life-risking job that our brave soldiers are doind in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is total madness that anyone cares about what the f*** this kid wears. If you disagree with me, you are probably one of the overleveraged debtors that is now crying about how despite being an adult you did not understand all the big words in the papers that you signed when the very bad loan officer talked to you.


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