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The leotard is back...again

Katemoss121107Never mind the fact that Kate Moss looks like sheBumble1 murdered ten skunks and the abominable snow man for her Fendi fur coat. Even more haughty is her style choice beneath the anti-PETA outerwear: a freaking leotard. Pairing a black Danskin with tights, high boots and a belt does not make it a dress.

But Moss isn't the only lady who thinks the world is335554 her Swan Lake stage.  Beyonce performed in Addis Ababa last month wearing a taupe leotard with an attached spangled capelet. It's very Ice Capades-cum-middle school tap dance recital, don't you think?

Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, likes to accessorize her leotard with dated fashion ephemera. Last October for Halloween, she sported this white stretchy suit with leggings and sweat bands and a garter belt and fingerless lace gloves. It's very Lohanleotard02Madonna meets Jane Fonda meets a New Jersey teen bride, with a sprinkling of Walt Frazier for good measure.

I understand how stars could easily become distracted when getting ready. The phone rings or someone hands you a stiff Scotch on the rocks and the next thing you know, you're exiting a limo sans pants or skirt.

The one upside to '80s dancewear as everyday get up is that you needn't worry about panty flashes or pesky bra straps showing.

photo credits: Moss, Bauer-Griffin; Beyonce, Reuters; Lohan, Splash.

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This is a very scary trend, but in Lohan's defense, her outfit was a Halloween Costume. (Seriously. Look here:

Besides, as long as Shoulder Pads stay away, I'm fine.

Someone must stop Kim Catrall (

I think Lindsay looks great in a leotard and tights! I like wearing a leotard and tights to go out on the weekends. I get lots of attention from guys and girls. I love that the leotard is making a comeback!!!!!!

It looks great!
I found this quote in the article a bit childish:

"But Moss isn't the only lady who thinks the world is her Swan Lake stage."

Who do you "fashion" critics think you are? Is the world YOUR stage, and if it's not what YOU like it's wrong? Get real!

Some people actually have a mind of their own, and wear what they like rather than listening to some moron tell them what looks 'good'.

I know this post is nearly a year old, and you only have three posts, two against your view, but here's a third. I would rather see women wear leotards and tights over anything else baggy, especially in the gym. I think Kate Moss, Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan, along with Madonna, are fashion forward by looking backward. Vintage is very much in!

Heck, I wear a unitard or a wrestling singlet (but not the European cuts) to the gym myself to work out.

Hello Ilove the leotards revival it fashion please for ever,

Revival the fashion of leotards for ever please , I love the fashion of leotards and tights....


I admit that I love wearing leotards for exercise such as aerobics, sometimes over tights or a unitard, and I'm a straight man. Leotards for men, from what I hear are coming back in fashion maybe. This could be great news. Why should only girls/ladies wear them.

Blessings to you all and have a great day.

Yours truly,
of ChrisAerobics
my new exercise program


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