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Liposuction deaths higher than car crash fatalities

West_west320_2 The very sad news that Kanye West's mother, Donda, may have died from complications from plastic surgery -- a breast reduction and tummy tuck -- makes you think about the real price of vanity. In her case, mortality.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 11 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2006, up 7% from 2005.  Breast augmentation (329,000) and liposuction (303,000) top the list. 

I did some quick searching online and found conflicting reports about the deaths associated with lipo or the combination of liposuction and another procedure. Every association seems to report different numbers. But many isolated incidents of deaths surface.  And actually, the combo platter of plastic surgery is grossly popular. Why not get a tummy tuck and a butt-lift at the same time, seems to be the prevailing thinking. (Um, maybe because you won't be able to sit or stand up for a few weeks? Ouch, indeed.)

Anyway, here's a link to some info from the FDA's government website that I found interesting. Notice how  inconclusive the findings are because of the unreported fatalities. The study showed that deaths associated with lipo could be as high as between 20 and 100 per 100,000 procedures. Death from car accidents is only 16 per 100,000 crashes.

That's astounding. If you have a better chance of surviving a car accident than liposuction, maybe it's safer to do crunches while you drive?

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I don't understand why everyone is picking on Donda West and calling her vain because of this. Why did no one criticize Olivia Goldsmith when she died from complications of cosmetic surgery? What about all those Asian women out there who get surgery to make their eyes more "Western" one gives them crap about that? but if a middle aged black womam tries to make themselves look better, everyone has something to say about it...and what they say is usually negative. For god sake, MILLIONS of people worldwide undergo cosmetic surgery every year and live to tell the tale or keep it as a secret! I personally wouldn't do it, but to me, no one should be judging someone if they do? God knows they advertise such surgeries a plenty in LA alone and even small towns have at least one cosmetic surgeon practising, that's how common the practise has become! Seems to me that Donda, like any other red blooded woman of a certain age, merely wanted to improve her personal appearance and feel pretty. Why is that so wrong? In this world, it is getting increasingly difficult to feel good about oneself because of all the unrealistic expectations of beauty constantly touted by Hollywood and the fashion industries and the overemphasis on looks and thinnness! Do I blame Dr. West or say her death is her own fault? NO! Why are people blaming the victim here? I blame SOCIETY for constantly making women feel like they HAVE to go to such great lengths in order to be considered attractive to the opposite sex!

I really do feel sorry for Kanye, I didnt want him to feel what i felt. My mom died when i was 10 years old.Me and me brother felt sick for days. My mothher died September 21st. This is a big shout out to Kanye, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MOTHER WILL BE SMILING DOWN ON YOU LIK MY MOTHER IS DOING ME NOW. TRUST ME ITS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!!!!!

Your death rate from car accidents is completely wrong. Many sources show that there are about 6 million car accidents and 40,000 deaths from such accidents annually. That is a rate of 667 deaths per 100,000 auto accidents. The rate of 16 per 100,000 appears to indicate the ratio of auto deaths per 100,000 population.

These stats are very easy to find.

I also had no idea there was such a high mortality rate associated with plastic surgery. My cousin had one of those 'combo' procedures - implants and lipo at the same time.

I also blame our pathetic society for driving women to such lengths, but we women are also part of the problem for perpetuating it and allow it to exist. I don't know why we can't be stronger.

Is there even a solution?

The media is not known far and wide for it's honesty and manipulating the facts is taught the first day of j-school. But no one is stupid enough to believe that plastic surgery and car wreck deaths are even in the same ball park. The way this blogger would have you believe it, more people die a year from lipo than in car wrecks. Jesus Christ lady! Fine, the death rate is higher for plastic surgery than car wrecks. However, the statistic you cited, I'm sure, includes every single car wreck no matter how minor. Duh . . . most people will survive backing a car up and hitting a shopping .

Dying from surgery is not the issue here. It's not news that many doctors are dangerous butchers or pill doctors (if Ms. West's doctor had not been black he would have been stripped of his license before he had a chance to kill her though and that is another issue). I myslef would rather take my chances driving full speed into a brick wall than going in a hospital. The tragedy in all this is not another victim of a incompetent physician but that Ms. West bowed to the pressure of a society that considers middle aged women garbage for the sexual trash heap of life.. Ms. West was educated, had raised a good son, was wealthy and succesful but even that was not enough to make her comfortable with who she was. That's what's tragic.

Nothing will change the fact that the human race worships beauty, youth and perfection. It's been that way since the first cave woman smashed up some sort of berry and mushed it on her cheeks. Even animals go for the young ones in the herd. I have a theory that whatever men are into they like them young. If a guy is into snakes he will get himself the youngest one he can find. That's just the way it is. In general of course, not across the board.

But why kill yourself over it? Life sucks and then you get old. Women like Demi Moore and Sharon Stone are just tragic. They think they look young but they look like aging women who have had a bunch of plastic surgery. Why not just move on to the next chapter in life and wave by by to the young, tight butted stage? Personally, at 43, this is the best time of my life. Yea, I miss the glowing skin and the big, bright eyes and the silky hair but along with the demise of my ass is the passing of the hardest part of my life (career building, child rearing, being clueless and stupid on and on) I am happy with who I am, my children are young adults and I can finally afford that Lexus I've always wanted. It's a trade off people.

I do miss the sound of screeching tires when I have a flat tire though.

Very well said Kim; I'm with you. 54 and having the time of my life. Fascinating to watch the makeover shows, but my plastic remote is as close as I will get to that type of surgery!

great story

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I just had a friend die on Thursday from Liposuction surgery. I think that this country is really sending out wrong messages to people. We now live in a society that is sooooo overfocused on being perfectly thin and beautiful. It is a tragedy that women die because they feel the need to be perfect. My friend was beautiful and thin and now she is dead and her kids have no mother. We have to change the way we think or there is no hope for our children. We need real role models in the world and not fake, plasticized Hollywood trash for our children to look up to. It's just a shame!!!!!

great story but there are other ways then liposuction (for free info in sweden check my url above or here ) test wieght loss with hoodia maybe its all natural.


great story but there are other ways then liposuction (for free info in sweden check my url above or here ) test wieght loss with hoodia maybe its all natural.


I don't understand why some people need to undergo in this kind of procedure?

by: sphin


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