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Yvette Vickers memorial set for Friday


A memorial service for actress Yvette Vickers, 82, will be held at noon Friday at All Saints Episcopal Church, 504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills. She was best known for her role in two late-1950s cult horror films "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" and "Attack of the Giant Leeches."

Vickers was found dead April 27 at her Benedict Canyon home. Her body's mummified state suggested that she could have been dead for close to a year, police said. The county coroner's office said she died of natural causes, specifically heart disease caused by hardening of the arteries, but did not determine when she died.

-- Valerie J. Nelson

Photo: Yvette Vickers  "proved to have the perfect look for 1950s drive-in films, along with episodic television," according to film historian Alan K. Rode. Credit: Times file photo 


Yvette Vickers dies at 82; former actress and Playboy playmate

Yvette Vickers: The B-movie actress really was 82. Here's how we figured it out.

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so let me get this straight -- she obviously had no friends if she was found dead a year after it happened.

so who is going to this memorial service?


Hey Entertainment2u ,
I'll be there.

A recluse, unfortunately people give up trying to make or keep contact. Either way it is a very sad story.
And I'm sure you'll be there William Desmond Taylor - perhaps you'll reveal to Yvette who murdered you…

I'll be in attendance too.

If I wasn't in Boston, I'd be there!

" Her body's mummified state suggested that she could have been dead for close to a year, police said." I find it so very sad that in today's world you can be forgotten in a nano second. It is not as though she lived in a rural area.

I did not know her, but the sadness in the manner of her demise, does not leave me un-affected. RIP - If all those who knew and remember her, were to place a rose upon her grave, she would sleep tonight under a blanket of flowers.


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