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One year ago: Gary DiSano

September 20, 2010 |  6:00 am

DisanoWhen Gary DiSano joined the Tournament of Roses executive committee in 2002, he knew he might not be able to serve eight years later as tournament president, which is the organization's custom.

DiSano was diagnosed in 1999 with a rare type of thyroid cancer and had his thyroid and hip removed in early 2000.

"I guess you could say I'm an interesting choice," he said in 2002.

DiSano, a longtime volunteer, became president of the Tournament of Roses for the 2010 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game in January 2009, but died a year ago. He was 62.

"Gary was totally dedicated to our organization," said Jeffrey Throop, who became acting president after DiSano's death. "He loved it. He personally sacrificed to carry out his responsibilities, and he was always supportive of the people he supervised."

For more about DiSano, read his obituary in The Times.

--Keith Thursby

Photo: Gary DiSano in 2009. Credit: Tournament of Roses