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Character actor Harold Gould dies at 86


Harold Gould, a veteran character actor who played con man Kid Twist in "The Sting" and Valerie Harper’s father on TV’s "Rhoda" and Betty White’s boyfriend on "The Golden Girls," has died. He was 86.

Gould died of prostate cancer Saturday at the Motion Picture & Television Fund retirement community in Woodland Hills, said Jaime Larkin, a spokeswoman for the fund.

A full obituary will follow at

-- Dennis McLellan

Photo: Harold Gould in 1987. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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"Kid Twist" of movie's greatest characters!

I hope he rests in a good place.............I said to "place....."

I represented Hal for over 25 years.
He was a true gentleman always.
He was as humble as he was talented.....
As an agent, he spoiled me.....
Miss ya Hal...

loved loved loved Harold in peace

RIP Gould
He is fondly remembered.

Very good, VERY memorable actor. May God comfort the family.

Excellent actor in TV and film. I most remember him from "The Sting". He's already missed. RIP

A wonderful actor. Rest in peace, Mr. Morgenstern.

RIP Miles Webber. You were superb as Rose Nylund's boyfriend. Thank you Mr. Gould for the entertainment.

Harold Gould was a lovely man and a good actor, I will miss his lovely smile and warm hello, he will be so missed.

Always seemed like a genuinely nice man on screen. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family.

One by one they go, and each time it's a little pinprick of displeasure.

I know we'll be joining them soon enough, and it's not like we knew them personally, but still...

Thank you, Harold Gould.

Loved him in Seems Like Old Times. He played a judge that had a frustrating and hilarious case to preside over.

RIP Mr. Gould

Ugh, another one from The Golden Girls gone. This is almost as sad as when we lost Bea, Estelle, and Rue. Oh I almost forgot Herb Edelmman is gone too...He Played Stan. Sad day.
Rest in Peace!

Mr. Gould's finest acting performance was when he was dying in the hospital, and he talked Jodie(Billy Crystal) out of suicide on the sitcom Soap.


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