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One year ago: Joe Bowman

June 29, 2010 |  6:00 am

Bowman Just how fast was Joe Bowman at shooting a gun?

The Texas sharpshooter, who died a year ago at age 84, taught police officers, FBI agents and movie stars how to handle a weapon.

"I've seen fast, I've seen faster, I've seen fastest, and then I've seen Joe Bowman," said actor James Drury, who starred in the TV series "The Virginian."

Bowman billed himself as the Straight Shooter and the Master of Triggernometry. He performed at gun shows, rodeos and conventions throughout the United States.

Joe Holley, writing Bowman's obituary for the Washington Post, said Bowman taught what he called "instinct shooting" -- relying on the eye and aligning the body correctly rather than aiming down the gun sight.

--Keith Thursby

Photo: Joe Bowman in 2006. Credit: Associated Press