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Robin Roberts and the living members of the Baseball Hall of Fame


Robin Roberts, the tireless right-handed pitcher from the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies "Whiz Kids" team who died Thursday at 83, had been No. 10 on David Carson's list of oldest living members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Lee MacPhail, a longtime baseball executive who was elected by the Hall of Fame's veterans committee, is No. 1 on the list, at age 92. Bobby Doerr, a second baseman for the Boston Red Sox who was also elected by the veterans committee, is a few months younger than MacPhail.

Can you guess who is the oldest living member of the Hall of Fame, as selected by the Baseball Writers' Assn. of America?

Find out who that player is and see the whole list after the jump.

-- Claire Noland

Photo: A plaque at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia honors the late Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts. Credit: EPA / Christopher Barth


Living Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

This list has been updated to reflect the death of Robin Roberts, formerly
at position #10, and the addition of Andre Dawson.

There are currently 67 living members of the Hall of Fame. This includes
60 players, five managers, one umpire, and one executive. (Most managers
were former players and many players later become managers, but they are
usually voted into the Hall as one or the other, as their career merits).
Of the 67, 54 were voted in by the baseball writers association and 12
were voted in by the veterans committee. (The veterans committee is
viewed by many as a "back door" into the Hall and, therefore, it is
considered more prestigious to be inducted by the baseball writers.)
There is also one living member of the Hall who was inducted by the Negro
Leagues committee, a temporary organization formed to bestow Hall of Fame
honors on players from the days before baseball became racially

The list below gives each living Hall member, in order of date of birth.
It also indicates how each member was inducted. The absence of a
designation means "player inducted by the baseball writers."

David Carson

Living members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

1. MacPhail, Lee, b. 10/25/1917 (executive, veterans committee)
2. Doerr, Bobby, b. 4/7/1918 (veterans committee)
3. Feller, Bob, b. 11/3/1918
4. Irvin, Monte, b. 2/25/1919 (Negro Leagues committee)
5. Musial, Stan, b. 11/21/1920
6. Kiner, Ralph, b. 10/27/1922
7. Schoendienst, Red, b. 2/2/1923 (veterans committee)
8. Berra, Yogi, b. 5/12/1925
9. Snider, Duke, b. 9/19/1926
10. Lasorda, Tommy, b. 9/22/1927 (manager, veterans committee)
11. Ford, Whitey, b. 10/21/1928
12. Williams, Dick, b. 5/27/1929 (manager, veterans committee)
13. Harvey, Doug, b. 3/13/1930 (umpire, veterans committee)
14. Weaver, Earl, b. 8/14/1930 (manager, veterans committee)
15. Banks, Ernie, b. 1/31/1931
16. Mays, Willie, b. 5/6/1931
17. Bunning, Jim, b. 10/23/1931 (veterans committee)
18. Herzog, Whitey, b. 11/9/1931 (manager, veterans committee)
19. Aaron, Hank, b. 2/5/1934
20. Anderson, Sparky, b. 2/22/1934 (manager, veterans committee)
21. Aparicio, Luis, b. 4/29/1934
22. Kaline, Al, b. 12/19/1934
23. Robinson, Frank, b. 8/31/1935
24. Gibson, Bob, b. 11/9/1935
25. Koufax, Sandy, b. 12/30/1935
26. Killebrew, Harmon, b. 6/29/1936
27. Mazeroski, Bill, b. 9/5/1936 (veterans committee)
28. Robinson, Brooks, b. 5/18/1937
29. Cepeda, Orlando, b. 9/17/1937 (veterans committee)
30. Marichal, Juan, b. 10/20/1937
31. McCovey, Willie, b. 1/10/1938
32. Williams, Billy, b. 6/15/1938
33. Perry, Gaylord, b. 9/15/1938
34 Niekro, Phil, b. 4/1/1939
35. Brock, Lou, b. 6/18/1939
36. Yastrzemski, Carl, b. 8/22/1939
37. Perez, Tony, b. 5/14/1942
38. Morgan, Joe, b. 09/19/1943
39. Jenkins, Ferguson, b. 12/13/1943
40. Seaver, Tom, b. 11/17/1944
41. Carlton, Steve, b. 12/22/1944
42. Sutton, Don, b. 4/2/1945
43. Carew, Rod, b. 10/1/1945
44. Palmer, Jim, b. 10/15/1945
45. Jackson, Reggie, b. 5/18/1946
46. Fingers, Rollie, b. 08/25/1946
47. Ryan, Nolan, b. 1/31/1947
48. Bench, Johnny, b. 12/7/1947
49. Fisk, Carlton, b. 12/26/1947
50. Schmidt, Mike, b. 9/27/1949
51. Gossage, Goose, b. 7/5/1951
52. Winfield, Dave, b. 10/3/1951
53. Sutter, Bruce, b. 1/8/1953
54. Rice, Jim, b. 3/8/1953
55. Brett, George, b. 5/15/1953
56. Carter, Gary, b. 4/8/1954
57. Dawson, Andre, b. 7/10/1954
58. Eckersley, Dennis, b. 10/3/1954
59. Smith, Ozzie, b. 12/26/1954
60. Yount, Robin, b. 9/16/1955
61. Murray, Eddie, b. 2/24/1956
62. Molitor, Paul, b. 8/22/1956
63. Boggs, Wade, b. 6/15/1958
64. Henderson, Rickey, b. 12/25/1958
65. Sandberg, Ryne, b. 9/18/1959
66. Gwynn, Tony, b. 5/9/1960
67. Ripken Jr., Cal, b. 8/24/1960

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