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Gordon Lightfoot, still living, breathing and singing

You might have heard the most recent celebrity death rumor last week when for a short time on Thursday Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot was rumored to be dead.

Not true, his representatives reassured inquiring minds after speaking with the singer.

One of the best accounts of how a reporter goes about confirming such news surfaced over the weekend in the London Free Press, a newspaper based in Ontario, Canada.

All this while Canadian media was busy covering the Vancouver Olympics.

Now, as we return to covering noteworthy figures who are actually gone, enjoy this YouTube video.

-- Claire Noland

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Curious as to your comments; his people say he's alive yet your words say differently:
"Now, as we return to covering noteworthy figures who are actually gone, enjoy this YouTube video."

Actually gone ?!

Dallas, sorry for the confusion. We in the media have returned to reporting and writing about people who are actually dead, not rumored to be dead.

Thanks Claire, but I still don't know if he's alive or dead. Paragraph 2 his people say it was a rumor, then you say he's "actually gone". Sorry I am not getting this. But I'll just check Google

Wow, a serious communication gap. If you follow the links in the original post you'll see the news reports from the day. Click on "Not true" and "best accounts" and you can read the full stories.

One of the key rules of information gathering is: Consider the Source. How anyone can believe the twits on twitter or the fools on facebook are reputable sources is well beyond my comprehension.

As for Mr. Lightfoot, may he live long and prosper.

On the Lightfoot web site:

"Lightfoot Death Hoax fueled by CanWest reporter on Twitter

February 19, 2010 — Lightfoot was big news yesterday when a news alert by CanWest was Tweeted by one of its reporters, and then picked up and posted by several large Canadian newspapers. It turns out that the original news alert was based on a hoax perpetrated on fellow performer Ronnie Hawkins who truly believed that Lightfoot had died based on a message from someone purporting to be Lightfoot's grandson. Luckily, the man himself heard the news report on the radio, and quickly set the record straight, but it was a wild ride for about an hour yesterday afternoon."


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