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CBS replaces Cronkite's voice with Freeman

Nearly six months after Walter Cronkite's death, his voice is leaving the "CBS Evening News."

According to a story in Calendar, Cronkite's introduction of anchor Katie Couric was replaced Monday by a voice-over featuring actor Morgan Freeman. Cronkite's voice was kept on the air even after his death July 17.

Here is the CBS announcement.

--Keith Thursby

Photo: Walter Cronkite in his CBS office preparing for his final newscast in 1981. Credit: Associated Press 

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Sad to hear they are replacing Cronkite. Guess they are trying to compete with NBC, which I believe uses actor Michael Douglas to introduce their program. It used to be fun to hear old Walter misprounce Katie's name as Core-ick, and then have her intone, Hello this is Katie Kerr-ick with the news. Guess they didn't have the heart to tell Cronkite he messed things up, and it certainly must have tough on the on air talent.

Though that wasn't the first time Walter made the honchos at CBS cringe. I remember years ago when either Life or Look magazine asked Cronkite about his great wish in life and he said it was to be sailing on a 60 foot yacht with a 16 year old girl. When his wife was apprised of the quote, she said knowing Walter it would more likely be a 60 year old female and a 16 foot yacht.


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