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Bart Andrews trivia quiz: The answers reveal a trick question

How had Bart Andrews, a trivia book author who specialized in TV, fallen into such “a weird career”? Burt Prelutsky wondered in 1977 in The Times. (The author, who recently died at 64, had managed to make an independent living by writing books. What’s so weird about that?)

Below are the answers to the quiz posted Wednesday that Andrews thought up on the spot during the 1977 interview. Prelutsky avoided revealing how he did but we’re pretty sure he didn’t ace it. He huffed about the answer to No. 5: “Nobody but Bart Andrews ever bothered remembering” from year to year what Ethel Mertz’s middle name was on "I Love Lucy."

NBC logo 1. Chester A. Riley's home address on "The Life of Riley": 1313 Blueview Terrace

2. First name of title character on "Mr. Peepers": Robinson

3. 11 plumes in the NBC peacock's tale, in 1977

4. PZR 317 was the license plate of the title car on "My Mother the Car"

5. Mertz's middle name changed; Roberta, Louise and Mae were used

-- Valerie J. Nelson

Photo: A simplified NBC logo, circa 2009, filled with jelly beans in a store at Rockefeller Center. Credit: Michael Nagle / Getty Images

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