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Bart Andrews and a TV quiz that was frozen in time

January 20, 2010 | 10:17 pm

When Burt Prelutsky interviewed Bart Andrews -- who recently died at 64 --  for The Times, he asked the trivia book author to hit him “with what he considered his five toughest questions.” The passage of time has only made the impromptu TV mini-quiz published in 1977 all the harder. To make it fair, take it like Prelutsky had to...without the help of Google.

  1. Vivian VanceChester A. Riley’s home address on the 1950s series “The Life of Riley.”
  2. First name of the title character in the 1950s sitcom “Mr. Peepers.”
  3. The number of plumes in the NBC peacock’s tail (in 1977).
  4. The license plate of the title car on the 1960s series “My Mother the Car.”
  5. Ethel Mertz’s middle name on “I Love Lucy.”

Come back tomorrow for the answers.

-- Valerie J. Nelson

Photo: Lucille Ball, left, and Vivian Vance, who played Ethel Mertz, on "I Love Lucy." Credit: CBS