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Where would you like your ashes scattered?

November 4, 2009 |  6:00 am

Last weekend the Washington Post published an article about unusual places people have chosen to scatter a loved one's ashes. The article focuses on sporting venues, such as baseball fields, football stadiums and golf courses. Officials at some locations don't object, but others turn away requests. "We just haven't been in the business of accommodating that because I don't know that we're in a position of encouraging that," said John Heisler, a spokesman for the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind.

But some fans won't be denied. According to the Post article by Liz Clarke:

Only the truly bold attempt it on national TV, as did 44-year-old Christopher Noteboom during a 2005 Philadelphia Eagles-Green Bay Packers game. After considering a random toss onto the field when no one was looking, Noteboom threw caution (and a bit of his mother, a lifelong Eagles fan) to the wind and charged toward midfield, kneeled at the 30-yard line, let spill the contents of his plastic bag and blurted out, "This is for you, Mom!"

He was promptly escorted off and charged with defiant trespass.

Sounds like a Philly fan to me. How about it, Los Angeles? Would you make Dodger Stadium a field of dreams?

--Claire Noland