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Marvin Minoff and the Nixon-Frost interviews

November 18, 2009 |  2:31 pm

Nixon 1977 TV and film producer Marvin Minoff, who died Nov. 11 at age 78, worked with David Frost when the British talk show host interviewed former President Nixon in a series of televised exchanges.

Minoff shows up frequently in newspaper coverage of the interviews, which were taped in 1977 in a south Laguna Beach home after electronic interference made it impossible to film at Nixon's mansion south of San Clemente.

"I believe viewers will feel that this confrontation tests the Nixon accounting of Watergate the way — and with the intensity — that it should be tested," Minoff told The Times' Lee Margulies on April 27, 1977. "I think the reaction is going to be spectacular."  Minoff was identified as executive vice president of Frost's Paradine Productions and executive in charge of production for the Nixon shows.

By July, the first four interviews had been shown, with a fifth program of additional material scheduled for September.

"I still think, all in all, the ratings were terrific. Everybody seemed pleased," Minoff said. "We were happy both in terms of quality and ratings. I don't think there's been another news show that's ever done as well."

-- Keith Thursby

Photo: Former President Nixon and David Frost during their 1977 interviews. Credit: Los Angeles Times