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Robert Ginty's special screening

Robert Ginty was able to see his son's performance in the upcoming film "Surrogates."  The producer and director of the film helped set up a special screening at Ginty's house, said his son, actor James Francis Ginty.

"It was unbelievable closure" for Ginty, his son said. "My father was a great mentor to me, he was extremely encouraging."

-- Keith Thursby 

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Robert Ginty was always a very nice man. Back in the mid-seventies while he was working on Black Sheep Squadron, I had a crush on him, and sent a picture to him that I took of him in the TV special, Battle of the Network Stars. He replied to thank me for the picture, and over the course of the next six months, we corresponded sporadially. In early 1978, I came to Los Angeles to visit my brother and his wife, and went to the set of Black Sheep Squadron to visit. I couldn't wait to see Mr. Ginty, but I was very sad to see he was no longer working on the show. I wrote him a letter while I was in LA to tell him I was disappointed I couldn't meet him, but imagine my excitement when he called me at my brother's a couple of days later! We chatted for about 15 minutes, and he had made me a very happy girl!

Years later, I had moved to LA permanently and began to work for Universal Studios. On one occasion, I had to go to the stage where "Harry and the Hendersons" was filming, where I had to deliver a message to one of the producers. There was a group of people talking nearby, and as I walked by, excusing myself, this one very tall gentleman smiled down at me, and said no problem. It took me a couple of minutes to realize I had just met one of the Black Sheep, a gentleman always, the director of many a TV show, and someone I had had a big crush on for several years. Rest easy, Robert, rest easy.


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