Gary Bauer weighs in gay marriage, Barack Obama and California

Our colleague Dan Morain chatted up American ValuesGary Bauer Tuesday about gay marriage and Barack Obama's letter stating his opposition to a California ballot initiative (John McCain supports it). Morain points out that two other states will have similar measures on their fall ballot -- Arizona and Florida. While polls show California pretty safe for Obama and Arizona similarly so for McCain, a gay-marriage fight in Florida could have scale-tippGary_bauer_weighs_in_on_barack_obaming consequences.

Bauer, founder of the conservative Campaign for Working Families political action committee, said he hasn't decided whether to donate to California's "incredibly important" measure. "If the pro-same-sex marriage forces cannot win in California and Florida, it means that the people of this country still are resistant to radical social change," Bauer said.

Bauer said he was "somewhat heartened when Barack Obama said … that it should be a state decision" but that given Obama's

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07/02/2008 12:05

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