Rick Perry biopic watch: Which actor can fill his cowboy boots?

Rick Perry has swagger, backbone, core convictions and a killer instinct -- but who can play the movie version of the Texas politician?

As New York Times columnist Ross Douthat put it today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who's now running for president, is "the conservative id made flesh." He's got swagger, backbone, core convictions and a killer instinct. In other words, he's another bigger-than-life Texan, somewhere between John Wayne in "Red River," Paul Newman in "Hud" and Larry Hagman in "Dallas."  

When a new out-sized politician shows up on the national scene, it's always tempting to try to  imagine who could play him in a movie, the way Josh Brolin handled George W. Bush in "W" and John Travolta did Bill Clinton (disguised as Jack Stanton) in "Primary Colors." With Perry, who grew up in the hardscrabble West Texas town of Paint Creek before becoming a yell leader (translation: male cheerleader) at Texas A&M, it would have to be a real Texan.

More importantly, if you know anything about Texas, it would have to be someone who understands the brooding restlessness of the flat lands of West Texas, which has been the locale for so many terrific movies, including "The Searchers," "Hud," "The Last Picture Show," "Tender Mercies" and "No Country for Old Men."

There are a whole lotta Texans in show business, but most of 'em are what we might call modern Texans--folks like Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson, T-Bone Burnett, Rick Linklater and Tift Merritt, who are just as sophisticated as any high-brow types from the Upper East Side or Beverly

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08/15/2011 15:57

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