David Mamet: How Liberal Hollywood is just like brain-dead Big Government

David_mamet I've been reading David Mamet's new book, "The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture," which is a full-frontal attack on American Liberalism, which Mamet views as basically bringing about the end of Western civilization as we know it. Conservatives, who rejoiced a couple of years ago when they discovered they had a new convert (and from the virtually all-liberal world of the arts, no less) have given the book glowing reviews. Liberal commentators, as you might guess, haven't been so kind.

A lot of the book is pretty standard fare modern-day conservativism: global warming is a myth, the ground zero mosque is a cultural obscenity and liberal education has become "an indoctrination in aggressive Identity Politics" that has produced a generation of what Mamet calls Young Stalinists. On the other hand, there's some pretty wonderful stuff inside as well, including a great chapter about Mamet's early years and family roots in Chicago, where Mamet as a young man drove a taxi ("This is how we did things there: one spiffed the mechanic at the cab garage if one wanted to get a working cab to drive").

But as much as Mamet loathes big government and do-gooders, he loathes Hollywood liberals even more. He thinks film schools are a joke ("the refuge of the Leisure Class") and likens film studios to a kingdom, where the "accreted bureaucracy serves the Executive as a Royal Court." (He's really big on Capital Letters.)

But his most fascinating theory explains, to him at least, why writers and actors are

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06/03/2011 13:15

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