Jeffrey Katzenberg's desperation plea: Movie biz needs to make movies that look good in 3-D

Jeff_katzenberg I think things have gotten to the point where Jeffrey Katzenberg, who's been a Jerry Falwell-style evangelist for 3-D for years now, probably needs to hire a crisis management PR firm to salvage the ever-deteriorating image of 3-D movies. Roger Ebert, America's leading film critic, hates them, along with a majority of other leading critics. (Joe Morgenstern's full-bodied takedown of "Clash of the Titans" in the Wall Street Journal earlier this summer was a classic.)

Reporters have been taking potshots at the medium for months now, with my colleague Ben Fritz pointing out that most of Hollywood's revenue gains this year were from the sky-high prices people have to pay for 3-D films. The Wrap's Daniel Frankel recently ran a story arguing that a decreasing amount of box-office dough was coming from 3-D screens. And I keep hearing from regular folks who have bailed out on taking their kids to see 3-D films, saying that the kids--especially the young 'uns--hate wearing the glasses, which are irritating and give them headaches.

So when Katzenberg spoke at the third annual 3-D Entertainment Summit Wednesday, the DreamWorks Animation chief was sounding awfully defensive, trying to compare 3-D skeptics to the Luddites who opposed sound and color movies. Forbes' Dorothy Pomerantz, who writes the magazine's always readable Show Me the Money blog,

09/15/2010 19:12

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