Before Jackie Evancho: Remembering Julie Andrews, Beverly Sills and other young vocal prodigies

To ease your nail-biting while we wait to see if 10-year-old Jackie Evancho makes it Wednesday night through to the finals on NBC's "America's Got Talent," give a listen to these pint-sized wonders who came before her.

Julie Andrews had been singing with her parents on the stage in London for two years before she got her first professional gig at age 12 in a musical revue called Starlight Roof. The gag was that every night, a Starlight performer would ask if anyone in the audience wanted a balloon animal. Andrews rushed up to the stage, the two would start chatting and Andrews would drop into the conversation that she sang a little.  She would be given a moment in the spotlight and come out with "Je suis Titania" from the Thomas Ambroise opera "Mignon" one does in these situations. Obviously.

Bubbles Silverman began singing professionally at age 4 and later became Beverly Sills, a well-respected opera singer known for

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09/01/2010 07:00

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